NBA 2K24 Coming to Game Pass in March 2024

NBA 2K24

This March, Game Pass is giving subscribers a surprise with NBA 2K24. This basketball game is coming to the platform on March 11, letting console and cloud players join in on the fun. Even though lots of people have already bought the game, being on Game Pass means more fans can try it out. Along with NBA 2K24, there’s a bunch of other games coming this month, so everyone can find something they like on Game Pass.

NBA 2K24 Release Date 

NBA 2K24 came out in September 2023 and got a lot of people interested, selling more than Million copies. But the company that made it, Take-Two, hoped for even more sales. Now, they are putting the game on Game Pass, but nobody knows exactly why. Some think Take-Two wants to get more people playing the game and maybe spend money on extra stuff while playing. But some folks aren’t happy about how spending money in the game affects how it works. So, bringing NBA 2K24 to Game Pass is making some people curious about what might happen next.

Take-Two has a clear view on subscription services like Game Pass they usually keep new games for themselves but might put older ones on there sometimes. NBA 2K24 is the newest game to join Game Pass’s big collection. 

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Many Offers in March on Game Pass

In March, Game Pass is getting lots of new stuff that suits different types of gamers. Let’s see what subscribers can expect:

  • SpongeBob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated (March 12): Jump into SpongeBob’s colorful world and join him and his pals on a journey to rescue Bikini Bottom.
  • Control’s Ultimate Edition (March 13): Get lost in the spooky setting of the Bureau of Control in this highly praised action-adventure game, now with even more cool stuff added.
  • No More Heroes 3 (March 14): Come along with Travis Touchdown on his new adventure as he fights against all sorts of enemies to become the best assassin in the galaxy.
  • MLB The Show 24 (March 19): Play Major League Baseball and feel the thrill of being on the field in this realistic sports game.

Check out for further games, such as Open Roads and Diablo IV, that are released this month. They’re large ones, the talk of the town, and certain to keep you occupied for a while.

Game Pass keeps better with lots of different games, make it a top choice for gamers. You can play all kinds of games, like sports ones, adventures, or strategy games. No matter what you like, you will find something fun to play on Game Pass this March.

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