New Helldivers 2 Update Brings Fun Surprises Not Listed in Patch Notes

Helldivers 2 Update

A special feature for Quasar Cannon has been added in the latest version for Helldivers 2 which offers fun stuff for players. The developers did not explain everything in the patch notes. 

Players find the new feature helpful for knowing when to fire and it also adds a tiny touch when typing in chat causes Helldiver to type on the player’s arm. 

Users consider it amazing fans are pleased with the changes they say the creators put in a lot of effort, they hope to see more awesome things in future updates and they are looking forward to the next one.

New Helldivers 2 Update: Enhanced Quasar Cannon

Helldivers 2‘s Quasar Cannon now has a charged metre which gives players important information regarding the weapon’s incoming firepower as noted by YouTuber StandardAce. 

The arrival of a charge metre gives players accurate information about when the weapon is ready to fire its lethal laser beam compared to its previous version when the weapon’s rear was visually static. Although this component once appeared to be just a visual clue it actually has a lot of gameplay effects.

The gameplay mechanics are greatly improved by the use of the charge metre especially in target-switching situations. When switching targets during the charging cycle players had to rely on their muscle memory in previous matches which frequently resulted in shots being missed. 

Players now have a clear indicator in the form of the charge metre which removes confusion and allows smooth target changes. It is a very useful upgrades particularly when dealing with Automaton fabricators in Helldivers 2 when accuracy is crucial.

The Helldivers 2 community has been growing in recent weeks as the game has broken multiple records and experienced regular server issues. 

Although many of these challenges have been solved with later player limit increases and other game upgrades fans still look forward to the surprises that Arrowhead Game Studios has in store. The most recent patch which revealed a major update to Helldivers 2 but was not made clear in the patch notes, created lots of discussion because of its Slugger nerfs.

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Helldivers 2 Community Response To These Changes

The latest update not only enhanced gameplay but also included an unnoticed yet realistic detail the Helldiver character copies player actions by typing on their arm when in chat conversations. Although this upgrade may appear small it improves gameplay and promotes a deeper feeling of involvement in the Helldivers 2 world.

The developers constant commitment to enhancing the gameplay has been acknowledged by the Helldivers 2 community which has happily welcomed these changes. 

Players like the development team’s responsiveness to community comments even though they have a wishlist of future changes that they would want to see covered such as supply lines. Expectations for the upcoming amazing chapter in the Helldivers 2 story is growing as a new Warbond update arrives.

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