New Spiral Abyss Content Revealed in Genshin Impact Version 4.7 Leaks

Spiral Abyss Content Revealed in Genshin Impact Version 4.7 Leaks

In the next Genshin Impact update, there’s something big coming. A new leak spilled the beans on fresh content for Version 4.7. It’s all about a new Spiral Abyss with exciting floors and rewards. Players have been asking for more permanent fun and it looks like they are getting it. Get ready for new challenges, characters and maybe even more Primogems. But remember, these are just leaks for now so stay tuned for the official news.

Permanent Content

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The Genshin Impact players have been asking for more long-lasting adventures instead of just temporary events that come with big updates. Leaks are saying that their wishes might come true soon, with a new area coming that’s like the Spiral Abyss, which players love.

New Spiral Abyss

The leaked info suggests there’s a new Spiral Abyss coming soon with 8 floors and players could get cool rewards like 600 Primogems. People are wondering if these floors will be part of the current Abyss or separate challenges.

Right now, the Spiral Abyss has 8 floors that stay the same every time you try them. There are also 4 floors that reset every two weeks. If you beat these floors again you can get 600 Primogems depending on how well you do.

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Maximium Rewards

If the new floors are added smoothly to the current Spiral Abyss, players might get double the rewards which could be 1200 Primogems. Or, the developers might keep the rewards the same by adjusting them for each floor.

Like before, people will likely have mixed feelings about the new Abyss. Some will like the new stuff, while others won’t. This means the new content might be similar to other Spiral Abyss areas in Honkai: Star Rail which have different gameplay but no extra Primogems.

Rumored Character Additions

There are rumors saying that three new characters Clorinde, Sigewinne, and Sethos might be coming in Version 4.7. But since this is just early info, it is best to be hopeful but not too sure because things could still change before the official release.

Thinking about Honkai Star Rail, there might be a rotating Spiral Abyss coming, similar to how things change in the end-game content there. Even though the gameplay might be different, you can still expect to get 600 Primogems as a reward. The beta for Version 4.7 is about to start, so soon we’ll know more details about all of this. Just remember, leaked info might not be final until it is officially confirmed.

The arrival of new Spiral Abyss stuff is bringing something cool to Genshin Impact. It means there will be new challenges and rewards for players to enjoy.

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