Palworld Latest Patch Note Updates: Fixes The Egg and Server Timeout Issues

Palworld Latest Patch Note Updates

After the April 4th update Palworld makes changes to address two issues with eggs and servers. Players have experienced issues with bugs and other issues in the past, but Pocket Pair the game’s designer is now working to fix these issues. 

The game is still receiving updates to improve it, they fixed problems with eggs and servers with updates which are discussed in this post along with an explanation of how new features improve the game.

Palworld Latest Patch Note Updates: Egg Placement and Server Timeout Issues

Palworld’s PC version is the focus of the second update which provides a server-side solution to timeout problems that appear on Windows-based dedicated servers. With this upgrade players should experience less connectivity issues while trying to connect to dedicated servers. 

Since the server-side fix has been applied immediately to Pocket Pair’s Palworld servers PC players can update the game easily through the Steam client. Affected servers continue to function without requiring an update so players who enjoy Palworld can continue to play.

The most recent patches to address server and egg-related problems that have appear since the release of version have been made public by the official Palworld Twitter account. 

Version is the first update that mainly addresses a problem with egg placing found in previous save data versions. Previously users who were using save data from version or previous had trouble putting eggs in the incubator. 

It is interesting that this problem appears to be limited to the Steam version because the Xbox Series X|S edition has not yet received the version upgrade. When the update is made available on the console Xbox users can be sure that Pocket Pair will quickly alert them through Palworld’s official social media channels.

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Palworld Other Gameplay Enhancements

Palworld which was released in early access in January has quickly gained popularity and is now one of the most sought-after titles on Steam. The game quickly built up an incredible player base and by early February it had surpassed 19 million users. 

Its appeal reached across Steam finding an attachment with players on PC and Xbox Series X|S. However problems and technical issues impacted the first appearance limiting players progress and playing together. Developer Pocket Pair has been working hard to improve Palworld regardless of these challenges releasing a number of upgrades that affect the game and its servers.

Players may now access the battle raid boss Bellanoir by installing version which opens up an exciting new challenge in the Palworld world. Also Pocket Pair teases players with a preview of a major update to the game’s building system that is planned for a later release.

According to the Palworld roadmap players can look forward to more content such as PvP and additional islands as well as an enhanced gaming experience in the near future.

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