Palworld Reveals New Anti-Cheat Strategy: How Pocketpair Plans to Keep Gameplay Fair?

Palworld Reveals New Anti-Cheat Strategy

In an effort to prevent cheating in Palworld, Pocketpair has revealed some strategies that guarantee the fairness of the game. The gaming world has been eagerly awaiting these countermeasures, and Pocketpair does not disappoint. Let’s take a closer look at their proactive approach. After launching in mid-January, Palworld faced a significant difficulty managing the surge in player traffic. This surge put a strain on the game’s internet infrastructure, making it harder to play the multiplayer games smoothly. However, as soon as Pocketpair improved the game’s hosting capabilities to swiftly resolve these technical issues, a fresh danger emerged: widespread cheating.

Palworld Reveals New Anti-Cheat Strategy: What to Expect

Credits- Pocketpair

Social media, especially Twitter has been used by Pocketpair to strongly condemn cheating in Palworld. They have presented a number of proactive measures to successfully stop cheating and established a zero tolerance stance against fraudulent activity. An important step is to implement a “player list function.” With the help of this function, cheaters on each server will be easily identified. 

In order to speed up the process of banning players and stopping repeat offenders Pocketpair keeps an extensive log of all player activities. This upgrade which is expected to be released in late February, is a critical step in making sure that Palworld’s gameplay is fair.

Pocketpair is creating an external anti-cheat system in addition to the player list feature. This system is designed to identify and stop the worryingly prevalent fraudulent behaviours. This proactive approach shows a determined effort to stop egregious cheating practices, such deleting characters and manipulating inventories. Pocketpair seeks to rectify such bad behaviour in order to preserve the integrity of the multiplayer experience on Palworld.

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Pocketpair Plans to Keep Gameplay Fair

Importantly, modders will remain unhindered in co-op, dedicated servers, and single-player modes by the upcoming anti-cheat measures. According to Pocketpair, the only goal of these steps is to maintain the integrity of the official multiplayer servers of the game, which means that everyone can play on an even playing field.

Pocketpair informs the public of its continued efforts to stop cheating. Palworld is committed to putting further safeguards in place when needed, with a specialised team keeping an eye out for and assessing potential dangers on a daily basis. This proactive strategy demonstrates Pocketpair’s commitment to provide an equitable and fun play experience for all fans of Palworld.

The difficulties Palworld encounters change as it does. Players may anticipate a lively and cheat-free gameplay experience, nonetheless, thanks to Pocketpair’s steadfast dedication to stopping cheating and upholding the integrity of the game. Keep checking back for more information as Pocketpair keeps waging its fight against scams in Palworld.

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