Pokémon Go events and Spotlight Hour April 2024: Schedule, Dates, and Times

Pokémon Go events and Spotlight Hour April 2024

April 2024 is packed with awesome surprises in Pokémon Go. This month, get ready for rare Pokémon sightings and special perks. Keep an eye out for Spotlight Hours when rare creatures pop up. We have got all the details on when these events start and end. 

And, we will give you tips to maximize your fun. Whether you are a pro trainer or new to the game, April promises loads of excitement. So, pick up your phone and prepare for some epic Pokémon adventures.

April Pokémon Go Events

Credits- Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go events are happening in April 2024. We will walk you through all the upcoming adventures.

Starting on April 4 and going until April 9, the Sizable Surprises event kicks off a month full of Pokémon encounters.

Bug Out and Sustainability Week Return

April brings back two awesome events for trainers to enjoy: Bug Out and Sustainability Week. And that is not all. Get hyped for some cool bonuses and exciting Community Day celebrations too.

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Spotlight on Pokémon Go: April 2024 Schedule

Make sure you know all about April’s Spotlight Hours, they give you a great chance to catch rare Pokémon and get cool rewards.

DateTimeFeatured PokémonSpotlight BonusShiny Potential
April 96PM – 7PMZubat2x Transfer CandyYes
April 166PM – 7PMCroagunk2x Evolve XPYes
April 236PM – 7PMCaterpie, Weedle, & Wurmple2x Catch StardustYes
April 306PM – 7PMTrubbish2x Catch XPYes
May 76PM – 7PMClefairy2x Catch CandyYes

Make sure you are aware of April’s Spotlight Hours. They offer a fantastic opportunity to catch rare Pokémon and earn awesome rewards.

London Games Festival (IRL Only)

Sizable SurprisesMarch 29April 15
Bagon Community Day ClassicApril 4 at 10amApril 9 at 8pm
Bug OutApril 7 at 2pmApril 7 at 5pm
Mega Heracross Raid DayApril 12 at 10amApril 17 at 8pm
April Community DayApril 13 at 2pmApril 13 at 5pm
Sustainability WeekApril 20 at 2pmApril 20 at 5pm
Hatch DayApril 22 at 10amApril 26 at 8pm
April 28 at 2pmApril 28 at 5pm

Optimize Your Pokémon Go Experience

Get set for the Zubat Spotlight Hour with these handy tips to make sure you have a blast:

  • Stock Up on Supplies: Make sure you have plenty of Poke Balls and Berries so you can catch as many Pokémon as possible.
  • Clear Storage Space: Clear some space in your Pokémon Storage Box to make room for all the Pokémon you will catch during the event.
  • Invest in Incense: Use PokeCoins to buy Incense which can help you find more Spotlight Pokémon.
  • Prep Your Pokémon: Do not forget to mark Pokémon that are ready to evolve. This way you can take advantage of the double XP bonus during the event.

April 2024 in Pokémon Go will be awesome, there will be lots of fun events and cool Pokémon to catch.

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