Prince of Persia The Rogue A New Title Release Date Leaked and More

Prince of Persia The Rogue

A new Prince of Persia game is on the way it will launch around May 14 and doesn’t seem like the previous ones but it’s still exciting. A source with complete gaming knowledge revealed that it will be named “The Rogue Prince of Persia”. 

This game developed by Evil Empire a French company was discussed in April. Dead Cells the developer’s follow-up to Prince of Persia will be available on Steam Early Access.

Prince of Persia New Title Release Date Leaked

Console fans may have to wait patiently as PC players are waiting for their opportunity to set off on this exciting journey. Because PlayStation fans are not allowed to receive early access releases they will have to wait for a later release due to platform limitations. 

The Rogue Prince of Persia does not appear to be included in this effort, although the fact that Xbox’s Game Preview programme presents an option route. If one looks more closely at the game’s development history it’s clear that Evil Empire has put a lot of work into it since the project’s beginning in 2019 or so. 

The rich texture of Franco-Belgian comics serves as a basis for the art direction which promises to introduce gamers to a visual feast. The Rogue Prince of Persia is expected to receive major post-launch support similar to that of Dead Cells, ensuring gamers will always have access to new content.

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Expected Early Access and Release Date

Early in April Tom Henderson published a post that provided a small internet tip that marked the start of the adventure. The new game according to Henderson a popular source in the gaming community will be a rougelite adventure created by none other than Evil Empire the highly rated French studio best known for creating Dead Cells.

The game “The Rogue Prince of Persia,” with its unique title is sure to enthral gamers with its distinct fusion of strategy and action. As the official information is scheduled for Wednesday, April 10 our source has kindly supplied further details building upon the initial theories. 

Excited fans should set their calendars for May 14 which is the scheduled release date that Henderson himself verified in a recent tweet after this wonderful announcement. Notably the game will likely launch on Steam Early Access which is a big change from Ubisoft’s previous release strategies.

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