Team Liquid Destroy His LCS Career Said Doublelift

Team Liquid

Famous League of Legends player Doublelift recently revealed that he nearly rejoined Team Liquid. However, things did not go as planned, and he holds Dodo, the team’s manager, responsible. Doublelift discussed this while watching the LCS Spring Split. Dodo put a stop to his plans to form an elite team with Team Liquid. Many fans were confused and offended by this. They were curious about what exactly happened, Doublelift expressed his disappointment, saying he had hoped to play with an elite group of players. However, it appears that it is not going to happen at this time.

Dodo Response to Doublelift Statement

After Doublelift made his statements Dodo disagreed the charges on the Team Liquid Discord channel, expressing disappointment over what he considered to be “misinformation” that Doublelift had given. During the offseason talks, Dodo insisted that he and Arhancet remained open and honest, sharing that they were still in talks with Jojopyun and considering different lineup combinations. 

Dodo claims that Jojopyun’s ultimate recruitment by Cloud9 was helped by his preference to team with bot laner Kim “Berserker” Min-cheol so ending Doublelift’s chances of rejoining Team Liquid. Dodo’s claims were quickly rejected by Doublelift who questioned their credibility in view of their previous private conversations with one another. Both sides decided to take a break from public conversation, but after the controversy Dodo disclosed that she had received death threats. 

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This was when the story took a darker turn, Given that Jojopyun is now firmly established at Cloud9 Doublelift’s chances of making a competitive comeback are dependent on the formation of another LCS titan. Team Liquid, on the other hand finished the regular season in a respectable top four and is ready to take on FlyQuest, the top-seeded team in the playoffs.

During off-season talks Doublelift went on to claim that Arhancet and Dodo were not synchronised. He blamed the disagreement on unresolved problems from their previous collaboration in 2020 when Liquid dropped Doublelift over a disappointing campaign that included his own self-described lack of motivation.

As the 2024 season came near Jojopyun’s agent made multiple attempts to get in touch with Dodo and Liquid but communication was elusive. Jojopyun eventually accepted an offer from Cloud9 as time was running out and Team Liquid was not responding. In November 2023 Dodo apologised in private to Doublelift admitting that he had acted rudely in an attempt to convince Jojopyun.

Doublelift claimed that Dodo spoke with Jojopyun on his March 9 stream but he did not bring up Doublelift’s presence in the roster. Dodo allegedly gave a severe ultimatum to Doublelift when he was questioned about his involvement either Doublelift joins the team or Dodo resigns.

Doublelift Vision: The “Exodia” Dream for LCS 2024

Doublelift was thinking about a possible comeback with Team Liquid after he decided to retire from professional gaming following the 2023 LCS season with 100 Thieves. With Doublelift leading the charge the organisation had lofty goals of putting together an unmatched “Exodia” team to take on the world’s best. 

The make-up of this ideal squad was crucial to Doublelift. A decrease in viewership and the LCS’s financial situation made Doublelift decide that he would only completely commit if the lineup satisfied his high expectations.

Doublelift received a message from TL CEO Steve Arhancet in September 2023 asking about his preferences for possible teammates. Jojopyun a Canadian mid-laner was one of the applicants whose name caught my attention. 

Doublelift was excited about a competitive comeback with the fresh Canadian talent, Jojopyun, having become available after Evil Geniuses left the LCS. Doublelift had opened talks with manager Dodo in an attempt to get Jojopyun to commit for the 2024 campaign. The talks still came to an end.

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