Tekken 8 Upcoming Patch Update Will Include Multiple Fixes

Tekken 8

The upcoming Tekken 8 update is expected to include many changes, according to the developers which should help fix many of the game’s issues. The sequel to Tekken 7, Tekken 8 is a fighting game with a large cast of playable characters although some players have trouble playing it online.

The developers want to make Tekken 8 a better game for all players and they claim to be working on six major issues. They also regularly interact with players to learn about their problems.

Tekken 8 Upcoming Patch Complete Details 

Credits- Tekken 8

The upcoming Tekken 8 update called Patch 1.03.01 is expected to fix major gameplay issues. The update attempts to remove unwanted character actions that issue with the smoothness of gameplay from improving the rear dash function to improving collision detection and hitboxes.

The back dash distance for Zafina, collision problems during Tornado execution and improving the way Rage Arts and Heat Bursts carry out form some of the specific areas that are scheduled for development. Azucena and Eddy Gordo are two examples of characters whose balancing changes aim to improve battle mechanics and create a more balanced gaming environment.

The Tekken 8 developers made an announcement regarding their commitment to address six major issues with the game in a recent post on the official TEKKEN_project Twitter account. The developers constant efforts to improve the overall game experience and their ongoing community participation are reflected in these upcoming changes.

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Tekken 8 Journey and Future Updates

As a direct sequel to Tekken 7 which made its debut more than nine years ago Tekken 8 is the most recent game in the legendary Tekken series. Tekken 8 is an example of technical skill and visual beauty including a roster of 32 playable characters, 29 of them are returning from previous versions. 

The game’s makers had to take action because of problems with online play even though it was well praised. The developers are still dedicated to Tekken 8’s long-term growth and their quest of gameplay perfection.

It has been announced that there will be a specific battle pass system with both free and premium categories that offer unique perks. Fans opinions on raising money have been raised by this project but it also shows how dedicated the developers are to the game’s growth and community engagement.

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