The Finals 1.11.0 Patch Notes: Bug Fixes and Drops with Freebies and Event Extension

The Finals 1.11.0 Patch Notes

Embark Studios released a new update for The Finals game. It is called patch 1.11.0. This update is the last one for Season 1. It is not big like the others. But it is cool because players get a free skin. Also, the Smoking Guns event gets more time. This article talks about what’s in this update. It tells about the free skin and the extended event. It also mentions some fixes in the game. Read on to learn more about The Finals patch 1.11.0.

Season Finale and Season 2 Teaser

Credits- The Finals

As the first season of The Finals comes to an end, players are getting ready for the exciting chaos of Season 2. They are looking forward to new stuff coming up soon. Season 1 ending means a new beginning and everyone is pumped up for it. There is a lot of excitement in the air as they prepare for what’s next.

Smoking Guns Event Extended

Patch 1.10.0 brought lots of improvements, but patch 1.11.0 is all about making the Smoking Guns event even more exciting for fans. For the benefit of the players, the event will now last an additional week. You can play and enjoy yourself for longer as a result. There is a cool reward up for grabs: the Pearlstrike Revolver skin. And the best part? It’s free. So, during this extended time, players can jump in and try to get this awesome skin without spending any money.

The Finals 1.11.0 Patch Notes

Here’s a comprehensive overview of the official patch notes for The Finals update 1.11.0:

1. Extended Event Duration: Because so many players are excited and involved, the Smoking Guns event will last another week. This means fans have extra time to enjoy the Old West Monaco setting. They can really get into the game and have fun for longer.

2. Free Skin Offer: To celebrate the event lasting longer, the Pearlstrike Revolver skin will be available in the in-game store for this week only. 

3. Bug Fixes: We fixed different problems to make playing the game better:

  • Resolved an issue causing teams to spawn too close to objectives and each other, ensuring a fairer playing field.
  • Fixed a prevalent crash encountered when returning to the main menu, providing a smoother navigation experience for players.

Improved Player Support

To make things easier for players, we are moving our Player Support services to the Embark Portal. This change is to help you find support resources more easily and stay updated on your submitted tickets.

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