Top 5 Profitable Selling Items for Gold in Palworld


In Palworld, selling stuff is important. You can gain lots of gold by selling things. This article talks about the best things to sell for gold. It tells you what items to sell and how much gold you can get. You will learn about craft things like Repair Kit and Mega Shield. Also, it talks about selling food like Baked Berries and Cooked Meat. Lastly, it mentions selling Wool. These items can give you a lot of gold in Palworld.

Explore Profitable Things

In Palworld, everything you find is valuable in its own way. Some things are rare and useful, so they are worth more. You can trade your Pals for gold with a Black Marketeer, or you can gather lots of items to trade with a Wandering Merchant instead. People might think the best way to make money is to get fancy, expensive stuff, but actually, it is better to focus on getting lots of cheap, common things. That’s where the real money is.

1. Repair Kit

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You can make a Repair Kit with simple things like fibers and stones. Even though it seems simple, selling it can get you a good amount of money, around 20 gold coins. Repair Kits are handy because they help fix things that are broken, like tools or equipment. People are willing to pay for them because they save them from having to buy new things all the time. So, even though Repair Kits might not seem like much, they are actually quite valuable. And because they are made from basic materials, you can make a nice profit from selling them.

2. Mega Shield

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Mega Shield is mainly used for defense, it can still fetch a good price when you sell it. To make one, you need to be at least Level 16 in the technology tree. To craft it requires 30 Palladium Fragments and 5 parts from the Ancient Civilization. These materials might sound fancy, but they are just things you can find or make in the game. People are willing to pay a lot for Mega Shields because they are really useful for protecting themselves. So, even though it takes some effort to craft one, it’s worth it because you can make a nice profit from selling them.

3. Baked Berries

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Baked Berries can be a great way to make money because they grow quickly and sell for 10 gold coins each. To start growing them, you need to unlock the Berry Plantation, which you can do when you reach Level 5 in the game. But growing Baked Berries isn’t just about planting them and waiting. You need Pals with specific abilities like Planting, Watering, and Gathering to take care of them properly. These Pals help ensure that the berries grow well and are ready to sell. So, with the right setup and a bit of effort, growing Baked Berries can turn into a profitable business in the game.

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4. Cooked Meat

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When you explore, you can find lots of different kinds of raw meats. But if you cook them up into tasty dishes like Grilled Chikipi, Chikipi Sauté, or Fried Chikipi, you can make some good money. These dishes are popular and sell for a nice price. Plus, if you have Pals that are good at starting fires (proficient in Kindling), it makes cooking easier and faster. So, with the right ingredients and skills, you can turn your exploration finds into profitable meals in the game.

5. Wool

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Wool is one of the first things you can get in the game, and it is worth a lot – you can sell each unit for 10 gold coins. Since there is a lot of Wool around, especially from early-game Pals like Lamball, you can make money without working too hard. It is a steady source of income because you can find it easily and sell it for a good price. So, if you are looking to make some gold without too much effort, collecting and selling Wool is a smart move in the game.

To do well in Palworld, it is not just about finding rare stuff. it is about using the lots of common things smartly. If you focus on the top 5 things that make the most money, you can get rich and have more fun in the game. So, instead of chasing after rare items, it is better to make the most of what you can easily find.

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