Top 5 Underrated Loadouts For Dynamic Playstyle in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2

There are five loadouts in the Helldivers 2 game that not many people are aware of, a loadout is a customised set of tools and weapons that you can use in the game. Unlike the loadouts that most players use they can improve your gameplay and increase the fun you have. 

This article discusses these five loadouts, lists the tools and weapons in each and explains how to use them to win the game. These loadouts in Helldivers 2 might be of interest to you if you’d like to have fun with something different.

Top 5 Underrated Loadouts For Dynamic Playstyle in Helldivers 2

5. Supporter Loadout

Supporter Loadout Credits- Helldivers 2

The Support Loadout provides a complete option to people looking for their loadout to be adaptable. With a good mix of weaponry and support options it prepares players for a range of combat situations. The P-4 Senator displays its worth as a dependable sidearm making sure players are never caught off guard even with its small magazine capacity.

  • Primary Weapon: AR23-P Liberator Penetrator
  • Secondary Weapon: P-4 Senator
  • Grenade: G-16 Impact
  • Tips: SH-32 Shield Generator Pack, Orbital Laser, Orbital Railcannon Strike, RS-422 Railgun

4. Quick Assault Loadout

Quick Assault Loadout Credits- Helldivers 2

The Quick Assault Loadout is customised for quick players who prefer a dynamic playstyle. Along with being overshadowed by newer unlocks the SG-8 Punisher remains a formidable choice for close-range combat. Paired with the P-19 Redeemer it becomes a deadly combination for eliminating foes while on the move. The G-16 Impact grenade serves as a universal tool for clearing enemy waves making this loadout ideal for hit-and-run tactics.

  • Primary Weapon: SG-8 Punisher
  • Secondary Weapon: P-19 Redeemer
  • Grenade: G-16 Impact
  • Tips: Eagle 500KG Bomb, Machine Gun, Eagle Airstrike, Orbital Precision Strike

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3. Armor-Penetrating Loadout

Armor-Penetrating Loadout Credits- Helldivers 2

The Armor-Penetrating Loadout is a weapon used to breach Automaton defences and is specifically made to take on enemies with thick armour. The Arc Thrower which was once attacked for its effectiveness has been improved so that it can now successfully penetrate armour and provide players an effective tool for dealing with automation enemies. This loadout ensures that no armour is too thick to penetrate thanks to the use of the RS-422 Railgun.

  • Primary Weapon: SG-225 Breaker
  • Secondary Weapon: P-2 Peacemaker
  • Grenade: Impact Grenade
  • Tips: RS-422 Railgun, Arc Thrower, Jump Pack, Shield Generator Pack

2. Wave Eliminator Loadout

Wave Eliminator Loadout Credits- Helldivers 2

The unmatched destructive power of the Wave Eliminator Loadout is perfect for putting down waves of invading enemies. Players can easily and quickly eliminate waves of opponents when armed with powerful explosive weapons and destructive ammunition. This loadout makes sure that no Wave goes undetected whether they are destroying factory structures or clearing out bug nests.

  • Primary Weapon: SG-225 Breaker
  • Secondary Weapon: P-19 Redeemer
  • Grenade: G-12 High Explosive
  • Tips: Eagle Cluster Bomb, Grenade Launcher, Supply Pack, Orbital Walking Barrage

1. Tank Destroyer Loadout

Tank Destroyer Loadout Credits- Helldivers 2

The Tank Destroyer Loadout is a symbol of destruction when faced with massive armoured formations. Its powerful weaponry are able to destroy even the most heavily made defences and it was created especially to battle Automaton tanks. Victory over mechanised opponents is assured with the introduction of destructive methods like the LAS-99 Quasar Cannon.

  • Primary Weapon: JAR-5 Dominator
  • Secondary Weapon: P-19 Redeemer
  • Grenade: G-16 Impact
  • Tips: GR-8 Recoilless Rifle, LAS-99 Quasar Cannon, Eagle 500Kg Bomb

These underrated loadouts in Helldivers 2 provide special benefits and new methods to engage in combat even though meta loadouts might still rule the battlefield. Players can rediscover new strategies and renew their passion for cosmic combat by adopting flexibility and creativity.

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