Top 5 Weapons In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth For Aerith

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth For Aerith

Aerith is an important character in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth who really helps your group. But you will have to get some decent weaponry if you want her to be strong. The best five weapons for Aerith are discussed in this article. Every weapon has a unique power that helps Aerith fight and defend herself these powers also help her perform better in combat. As you progress through the game you will find these weapons in various locations they provide Aerith strength and power, now let’s learn more about these weapons and how they might improve Aerith even more.

Timeless Rod

Credits- Final Fantasy 7

The Timeless Rod enhances Aerith’s defences by activating Chrono Aegis much like the revered Wizard’s Rod. When activated this defensive ability stuns enemies and protects Aerith from harm while effectively delaying them for a brief period of time. Chrono Aegis is especially useful in dealing with large groups of attackers because it allows Aerith and her allies to quickly counterattack dangerous threats.

Empress’s Scepter

Credits- Final Fantasy 7

Carrying the Empress’s Sceptre Aerith is able to utilise the Radiant Ward an extremely useful defensive enhancement. Aerith increases her resistance to spells by calling upon this ward which makes her invincible to them. Aerith’s capacity to use her magical abilities without worrying about impact is boosted by this defence which also increases her immunity to damage.

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Credits- Final Fantasy 7

The purchase of Gambanteinn, offers a dark but priceless advantage as Aerith’s journey reaches its peak. By using her Noble Sacrifice ability Aerith can give up knowledge in order to fully revive her party healing them of all injuries and regaining their full strength. This selfless act though expensive in terms of ATB is the last chance to avoid defeat in extreme situations.

Guard Stick

Credits- Final Fantasy 7

The Guard Stick is a basic but powerful weapon that Aerith uses to start her adventure. The secret to its effectiveness is the Arcane Ward ability which increases the power of magic spells cast inside of it. By using this power Aerith gains the tactical advantage in combat situations by being able to unleash deadly magical attacks with doubled efficacy like the fiery Fira.

Plumose Rod

Credits- Final Fantasy 7

The Plumose Rod is the most powerful weapon in Aerith’s weaponry giving her access to the powerful Ray of Judgement. Similar in strength to stalwarts such as Tifa this offensive capability enables stunning opponents with never-before-seen efficiency. Aerith can quickly increase the opponent struggle levels by working in together with ATB Ward which will lead to a clear and complete win.

Aerith’s best weapon choice in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth goes above her typical support role and makes her a strong and adaptable fighter. Players can achieve maximum Aerith’s potential and guarantee her crucial role in the party’s victory over adversity by utilising the special powers of each weapon.

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