Valorant Fortune’s Hand Bundle: Release Date, Skins, Price and More

Valorant Fortune's Hand Bundle

Introducing the new Fortune’s Hand Bundle for Valorant players. This special collection is packed with cool skins and items and you can find five awesome skins for guns like Odin and Phantom and a special melee weapon called Fortune’s Scepter too. 

There are five player cards to collect. Everything looks super cool without any fancy animations or extra stuff, if you want to know more about it, so keep reading this article to know the price, release date and all the details about this bundle.

VALORANT Fortune’s Hand Bundle Details 

Credits- Riot

Riot has revealed the new Valorant Fortunes Hand bundle, which includes guns and a fancy melee weapon. There are five unique player cards to decorate your profile inspired by tarot cards. While players are excited about guns, and they are really liking the player cards.

Fortune’s Hand Bundle: Skins and Items

  • Fortune’s Hand Guardian
  • Fortune’s Scepter (Melee)
  • Fortune’s Hand Ghost
  • Fortune’s Hand Odin
  • Fortune’s Hand Phantom
  • Player Cards (5x)

Release Date and Duration

Players can grab the Fortune’s Hand Bundle when it arrives in the Valorant store on March 22. It kicks off an eight day celebration where you can choose to get the whole bundle or just pick out your favorite skins and items.

The duration of this Fortune Hand Bundle is only for 8 days, so the Fortune Hand Bundle will expire on March 27, 2024.

Fortune’s Hand is different from other collections because it keeps things simple and classy. There are no flashy animations or different colours. What players see in the collection is exactly what they will use in the game, with a royal feel, gold touches and Roman designs.

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Fortune’s Hand Bundle: Price

In Episode 8 Act 2 of Valorant, the Fortune’s Hand Bundle is in the top-tier category for skins. It costs $40 USD and gives players access to a luxurious set of items. This shows the dedication of Riot Games to giving players awesome gaming experiences.

Pricing Structure:

  • Fortune’s Hand Weapon Skins: 875 VP
  • Fortune’s Hand Player Cards: 375 VP
  • Fortune’s Scepter (Melee): 1750 VP
  • Fortune’s Hand Bundle: 3875 VP

Experience luxury and style with the Fortune’s Hand Bundle. It shows how Riot Games is committed to making awesome games. Do not miss the chance to get these royal items for your collection before they are gone on March 27, 2024.

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