Valorant Switchback Bundle: Everything You Need to Know

Valorant Switchback Bundle

Valorant introducing the new Valorant Switchback Bundle in the Game. This article talks about the cool skins and other things you can get in this collection but It is not too expensive and it looks nice. 

We will tell you all about the different skins you can get and how much they cost. Also, Let you know when it comes out so you won’t miss it. If you are new to Valorant or just want some new looks for your weapons.

Valorant Switchback Bundle Release Date

Credits- Valorant

Valorant brings out the Switchback Bundle in Episode 8 Act 2 and It is made for players who want cool stuff without spending too much.

Valorant fans were excited for April 18th, 2024 because that’s when the Switchback Bundle came out. This collection is for players who want good skins but don’t want to spend too much money.

Even though the Switchback Bundle isn’t as flashy as some other collections, it still looks nice. It has a simple but classy style with nice colours and a smooth design. It gives players a bit of sophistication without being too busy to look at.

Among all the fancy collections out there, the Switchback Bundle stands out because it’s simple and not too expensive. Whether you have been playing for a long time or you are just starting, this collection is a good choice to make your Valorant game better.

Valorant Switchback Bundle Collection

Among all the Valorant skins the Switchback Bundle is different. It is not super fancy like some others but it looks nice in a simple way. Even though it doesn’t have all the cool sounds and flashy effects it’s still a good pick. Especially for new players who want to make their weapons look better.

The Switchback Bundle has five different skins. Each skin gives a special look to your weapons:

  • Switchback Classic
  • Switchback Stinger
  • Switchback Phantom
  • Switchback Marshal
  • Switchback Melee (Switchback Ascender)

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Valorant Switchback Bundle Price Points

One great thing about the Switchback Bundle is that it’s not too expensive. Even though it’s designed with a simple style it still keeps its price reasonable:

  • Switchback Bundle Price: 3500 VP
  • Switchback Melee Price: 1750 VP
  • Switchback Weapon Skin Price: 875 VP

The Switchback Bundle is made with care and looks nice. It brings players into a stylish world without giving up anything. Enjoy the beauty of simplicity and use your weapons skillfully in Valorant battles.

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