Valorant Update 8.04: What’s New in Episode 8 Act 2 and Premier Mode Changes

Valorant Update 8.04

Hey there, Valorant Update 8.04 is out now, and it’s bringing some cool stuff your way. With Episode 8 Act 2, get ready for some fresh features. Now, in Premier mode, you can create teams instantly and jump into the action whenever you want. The Esports Hub has also had a makeover, just in time for VCT Masters Madrid. They have fixed some bugs to make your gaming experience even smoother. Check out for more updates, and let’s get ready to take our Valorant journey to the next level.

New Changes in Valorant Update 8.04

The latest Valorant Patch 8.04 brings Episode 8 Act 2, saying goodbye to the old Act and introducing exciting new gameplay. Even though Agent 25 isn’t in the spotlight yet, players can enjoy the new Primordium skinline and a fresh Battle Pass, making the gaming experience even better.

Valorant Update 8.04 Patch Notes:


Added character portraits and minimap icons for Training Bots in the Range.


A new Stage of Premier starts! Here’s what’s new:

No more enrollment! You can make a team and start playing at any time in the Stage.

Provisional divisions are shown immediately upon team creation, update whenever the roster or Zone changes, and are locked in once your team plays your first match of the Stage.

Teams can change their Zone anytime before they play their first match of the Stage.

Weekly matches now have rematch protection, so you won’t face the same team twice in a Stage (unless you’ve been in queue a long time).

You can only play 2 matches per week, so no jumping between teams as a free agent within the same week.

Standings show Playoff results once Playoffs start and lock in 48 hours after Playoffs end.


Masters Madrid is right around the corner, and we have a few updates for the Esports Hub:

As Kickoff concludes and teams secure their place at Masters Madrid, the Global Events tab of the Hub will unlock, letting you explore participating teams, schedules and the new format.

You can check out the Swiss Bracket page for Groups and watch teams qualify for the Playoffs.



Fixed known cases where KAY/O’s ZERO/point (E) would sometimes report inaccurate Information. Please report any further instances.

Fixed a bug where if you were revived by Sage’s Resurrection (X), you would be nudged slightly at the end of the animation.

Fixed a bug where bullets could pass through the corners of Sage’s Barrier Orb (C).

Esports Features

Fixed a bug where the Esports Hub Schedule was not automatically taking you to the current day.

Fixed a visual bug in the Play In Groups Bracket that showed duplicate information.

Gameplay Systems

Fixed a bug with abilities extending past the minimap widget such as Killjoy’s Lockdown (X).


Fixed a bug where the start button wouldn’t update immediately if you’re in the lobby when an event starts.



A team creation deadline is sometimes displayed on the Premier hub. There is no longer a deadline for team creation feel free to create at any time in the Stage.

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