Viking Survival Game ASKA Prepares for Closed Beta in April 2024


ASKA, a new Viking game. It is like a story where you play as a Viking. You can join the game’s test soon. It is called a “closed beta.” That means only some people can play it first. But don’t worry, you can join too. Just add the game on a website called Steam. Then, go to their chat place called Discord. You can find out more there. But hurry, you have to sign up before April 5th. Ready for an amazing journey in the world of Vikings.

What to Expect in the ASKA Closed Beta

Viking Stories with ASKA’s closed beta happening from April 15th to April 21st. Wondering how to join? It’s simple: just add ASKA to your Steam wishlist and hop into the game’s Discord community to find out more. Don’t forget, sign-ups end on April 5th, so don’t wait too long to grab this chance.


In ASKA, there is a cool AI system that makes manage stuff easier and makes playing more fun. Say goodbye to boring tasks like gather resources, because AI buddies will help you out. You are in charge of your tribe, so be smart and crafty, because what happens to your people depends on you.

In ASKA, you get to explore a mysterious island full of Viking story. Your task is to make a mighty Viking kingdom that would make Odin proud. You can go solo or team up with pals for a good time. Roam around vast places, gather things, and create a tough village to make it through the harsh winter.

Go out and discover the wild lands, but be careful, there are dangers everywhere. Call upon smart NPC villagers to help you as you work to make your tribe stronger. When winter comes, only the toughest will survive. Can you overcome the challenges and make your mark in Viking history?

After putting in more than four years of hard work, ASKA reflects the passion and creativity of its makers. Join this journey where we will create something incredible that even Odin would admire. Let’s work together to build something awesome, and let the courage of the Viking warriors guide us to victory.

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