Warzone Mobile Battle Pass Release Date and Rewards: All You Need to Know

Warzone Mobile Battle Pass Release Date

The Warzone Mobile Battle Pass is a fun way for players to get cool things in the game. You can earn rewards by doing different challenges. This article will tell you everything about it. 

You will learn when it comes out, how much it costs, and what you get with it. Also, you’ll find out about extra stuff in the game and how it connects with other games like Modern Warfare 3.

Warzone Mobile Battle Pass Release Date

Credits- Call of Duty

The Battle Pass becomes accessible upon the global launch of the game on March 21, 2024.

Warzone Mobile Battle Pass Price

While the Battle Pass is complimentary for all players, there’s an option to enhance it for 1,100 Call of Duty Points (CP), equivalent to US$9.99.

Players can earn up to 1,400 CP by choosing this upgrade, which opens up over 100 rewards, including special bonuses from Warzone Mobile.

The Battle Pass Bundle costs 2,400 CP, or $19.99 USD, for individuals who want even more benefits. Together with 20 tier skip tokens, this bundle offers all regular upgrading perks.

For an extra 1,100 CP, players can upgrade their Battle Pass to the BlackCell version. This version offers 18 distinct awards, an operator bundle with a Warzone Mobile original blueprint, an instant 1,100 CP boost, and more in addition to the benefits already mentioned.

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Additional Content and Cross-Progression

Warzone Mobile shares progression with Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, which extends to the Battle Pass.

This means that if players have already purchased the Season 2 Battle Pass in MW3 and Warzone, along with certain rewards, those items are readily accessible in Warzone Mobile, provided they are available across all platforms.

Moreover, players receive five exclusive items for Warzone Mobile, as long as they have reached the appropriate tier. These items include:

  • Emblem: “Dragonfire Awakening” (Rare)
  • Calling Card: “Lunar Radiance” (Rare)
  • Large Decal: “Celestial Arrival” (Rare)
  • Blueprint: “Golden Dragon” (AR, M16, BlackCell Instant Reward)
  • Blueprint: “Radiant Dragonstorm” (BR, SO-14, Uncommon)

However, it’s essential to note that Battle Pass rewards associated with MW3 Zombies remain inaccessible within Warzone Mobile due to the absence of this game mode on the mobile platform.

Nonetheless, players can still unlock these particular items in Warzone Mobile and then utilize them in MW3 Zombies once transitioning to PC or console.

For those who purchase the Battle Pass in Warzone Mobile, Season 2 rewards remain available for unlocking until the start of the subsequent season on April 3.

Following this, any locked content becomes inaccessible, prompting the purchase of a new Battle Pass for continued rewards.

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