What Can Players Expect from Honkai Star Rail Version 2.1 Update?

Honkai Star Rail Version 2.1

Two attractive sets of Planar Ornaments are hinted to be included in the forthcoming Version 2.1 upgrade, according to a recent leak from Honkai Star Rail. A plethora of entertaining activities along with a wealth of new content are in store for gamers following the recent release of the game’s first playable planet in Penacony. 

Newly explored areas and inventive gameplay features were included in version 2.0, along with the introduction of three new characters Black Swan, Sparkle, and Misha. There’s even more excitement ahead with Version 2.1 on the horizon.

Honkai Star Rail Version 2.1: Planar Ornaments and More Details

Credits- Honkai Star Rail

Many facts about the upcoming edition have already appeared but Honkai Star Rail is still enjoying the first stages of the Penacony launch upgrade. Three more characters have been verified by HoYoverse to be included in Version 2.1 of the game. Together with Aventurine and Gallagher, this also includes the much awaited Acheron.

Furthermore, there is a lot of conjecture on the comeback of a number of well-liked restricted characters, like Fu Xuan and Topaz. To further heighten the excitement Star Rail is about to release two brand-new Planar Ornaments in a future update. The well-known HoYoverse leaker Dimbreath recently posted an update that revealed information on two brand-new Planar Ornaments for Honkai Star Rail. Wearers of the first set, “Sigonia, the Unclaimed Desolation,” stand to gain a 4% Crit Damage boost after defeating an opponent. This effect can stack up to ten times.

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The second pair, “Izumo Gensei and Takana Divine Realm,” on the other hand, gives users a powerful 12% ATK boost in addition to a 12% Crit Rate improvement when they team up with another character who is on the same Honkai Star Rail Path. Rumour has it that Version 2.1, which is expected to be released on March 27, will coincide with the release of both Planar Ornaments.

Planar Ornaments Impact on Gameplay and Characters

The most recent Planar Ornaments from Honkai Star Rail will greatly improve the DPS characters in the game and work in perfect harmony with the new cast members. As Aventurine joins the Ice cast as a new character, players may anticipate strong connections with current Ice DPS characters that allow them to take use of “Izumo Gensei and Takana Divine Realm” advantages. 

Conversely “Sigonia, the Unclaimed Desolation” provides a flexible buff that may be used on a variety of characters and may be especially helpful for cultivating resources in Star Rail such as Calyxes and Stagnant Shadows. One of the most popular game modes is about to receive a makeover as hinted by the release of Honkai Star Rail’s new Planar Ornaments. One of the main ways to obtain Planar Ornaments is through the Simulated Universe a popular game mode among players. 

These are given out as rewards for defeating the mode’s tough employers. The Simulated Universe has been improved throughout time, with new difficulty modes such as “Gold and Gears” in Version 1.6 and “Swarm Disaster” in Version 1.3. Another way for players to customise their favourite characters and go on thrilling new adventures in the game will be provided by the addition of new Planar Ornaments.

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