World of Warcraft Confirms New Trio Mode In Plunderstorm Battle Royale Coming Soon

World of Warcraft

The developers of World of Warcraft Blizzard, have revealed some interesting information regarding a brand-new mode called Plunderstorm which is huge news for players of the game. To add even more joy, they are planning to introduce the ability to play in groups of two. 

This will allow you to take on missions together in the game rather than limited to playing by yourself or with a single friend. Let’s explore what this means for everyone who enjoys playing World of Warcraft as players become crazy with interest over this announcement.

World of Warcraft: Enhancing the Plunderstorm Experience

Credits- World of Warcraft

The positive feedback that the Plunderstorm event received highlights Blizzard’s commitment to engage with its player base. This dedication was shown in the most recent Plunderstorm Creator Royale competition which included 30 teams of 60 different World of Warcraft content developers fighting for victory. 

The event increased community interest for the new battle royale mode by offering a sizable $50,000 prize fund. To further encourage player participation and excitement World of Warcraft also announced a Twitch drop campaign to mark the debut of the Plunderstorm game mode.

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The players responses to the news of the trios have been mainly favourable while many are happy others claim that the mode should continue with new benefits. Some players go so far that to suggest that a complete squad mode should be launched hoping for interesting yet unpredictable fights. Plunderstorm is still receiving positive reviews overall and Blizzard has hinted at further World of Warcraft content updates and new game types in the future.

New Trio Mode Coming Soon

World of Warcraft has revealed plans to add trios to the game mode building on the popularity of Plunderstorm. Developers expressed their gratitude for community feedback on Twitter saying it was important in improving Plunderstorm. The recent introduction of trios is an attempt to provide variety to the gameplay as solo and duo options may seem limited to certain players. 

After next Tuesday which is the weekly reset trios will be available in Plunderstorm. The creators have expressed their happiness on the change and asked players to enjoy the brand-new dynamic of team-based competition.

The last person or team standing in the Arathi Highlands is the goal of World of Warcraft’s new and exciting game mode Plunderstorm which pits 60 players against one another. After it was released Blizzard made a number of changes to improve the gameplay like raising the payouts for Plunder. 

For example, players now gain 50% more plunder by killing NPC opponents on the Plunderstorm battlefield while golden chests now provide twice as much plunder. Moreover five times as much Plunder is now awarded to the final person or team remaining.

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