WWE 2K24 DLC Reveals New List of Characters and Celebrity


New characters in WWE 2K24 will be available soon, these characters can be found in the DLC packs. Fans are ecstatic that Pat McAfee and Boston Connor are together in one DLC pack. They are interested in learning more about the DLC packs, Pat McAfee mentioned them on his show and mentioned that more characters would be added. 

Many are speculating about the identities of these figures and some fans are not pleased with the selections. While some players are delighted and eager to play with the new avatars others wish the game had different characters. Other well-known figures from the gaming world such as Logan Paul and the Bad Bunny add to the game’s appeal to players.

WWE 2K24 DLC Pack with New Characters List

Credits- WWE 2K24

The third DLC pack headlined by Pat McAfee, boasts an impressive lineup:

  • Pat McAfee
  • AJ Hawk
  • Boston Connor
  • Darius Butler
  • Ty Schmitt
  • Co-Host Manager Cards for MyFaction
  • Superstar Cards for MyFaction

Fan Reactions and Expectations

Fans have begun to consider creative ways to utilise the recently released characters despite initial dismay from certain corners. Because of McAfee’s NFL experience there have been talks about creating factions within the game with football as their subject. While some bemoan the lack of players such as Rob Gronkowski WWE 2K24’s Community Creations provide a way for fans to realise their fantasy squads.

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WWE 2K24 Pat McAfee DLC Pack Confirmation By Co-Host

The Pat McAfee DLC pack which is slated for release on July 24 has drawn notice due to its interesting teaser which reads “stay tuned for more info.” Fans’ curiosity has been prompted by this cryptic statement, leading to a variety of interpretations. 

While some consider the possibility of co-hosts of McAfee’s podcast making their virtual debut others conjecture about the possible debut of fellow broadcasters like Byron Saxton, Michael Cole and Corey Graves.

Each one of his co-hosts in WWE 2K24 was verified by Pat McAfee himself on a recent Pat McAfee show broadcast. Along with McAfee the star-studded lineup includes celebs like AJ Hawk, Boston Connor, Darius Butler and Ty Schmitt. Fans reactions to the news were divided, with some expressing shock and disappointment but it definitely gives the game a fascinating new element.

WWE 2K24 features an incredible list of celebrity guests in addition to McAfee and his co-hosts. Prominent figures such as Logan Paul and Bad Bunny appear in the original game, while one of the DLC packs will feature Post Malone, the producer of the WWE 2K24 soundtrack. 

A wider audience can now become familiar with wrestling thanks to these well-known additions which also improve the gameplay experience. WWE 2K24 keeps getting better thanks to its interesting DLC options and wide roster. The game is a top choice for both wrestling fans and gamers and it gets better with every release.

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