What is James Harden’s net worth in 2023?

James Harden

James Harden is a star point-guard in the NBA, currently playing for the Philadelphia 76ers. He is a 10-time All-Star, two-time NBA assists leader, seven-time All-NBA Team selection, and the 2019 league MVP.

Currently, the player is going through a rough tussle with his team, considering his trade demands were not met. Following the conclusion of the 2022-23 season, Harden sought for a trade move out of Philadelphia. Though he opted for his player option, the Sixers are reluctant to part ways with their star point-guard in order to retain championship contention aspirations.

Regardless of such, Harden has made quite a fortune from his NBA contracts and endorsement deals. In 2023, Harden’s net worth is estimated to be around $165 million, coming from his $35.6 million Philadelphia salary and other endorsement money. Here is a detailed breakdown of James Harden’s current net worth in 2023.

James Harden NBA Salary and Career Earnings

As per Sportrac, James Harden has earned over $301,660,574 in career earnings from his NBA contracts. Coupled along his player option for the 2023-24 season, these earnings can go up to $337,300,574.

Harden has spent 14 seasons in the NBA, which includes 3 seasons at the Oklahoma City Thunder, 9 seasons with the Houston Rockets, 2 seasons with the Brooklyn Nets, and expected 2 seasons at the Philadelphia 76ers. He has earned $12,014,950, $178,144,063, and $63,476,621, and $48,024,940 from all of these teams respectively.

James Harden Endorsements

Besides his NBA contracts, James Harden has made significant income from his off-court dealings such as signing various brand endorsements. His most notable partnership is with Adidas, with the brand signing him to a 13-year $200 million contract in 2015. Furthermore, Harden promotes several other brands such as Body Armor, Beats Electronics, State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance, and Stance Stocks. As of now, Harden has earned over $45 million as endorsement income.

James Harden’s investments

Though NBA contracts and endorsements deals indeed made Harden significantly rich, the Beard has also made some wise ‘big money’ moves to secure his income even further. In here, we are talking about some of James Harden’s savvy investment moves, which had the point-guard invest in organizations such as Jackpot, Art of Sport, Workstream, and Pura.

Furthermore, Harden had raised $15 million to purchase a small stake in the MLS club Houston Dynamo. Harden also has his very own wine brand, which sells for around $15 per bottle.